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Barry Fisher - Licensed Life Insurance Broker in Alberta

Barry Fisher - Licensed Life Insurance Broker in Alberta

Barry Fisher began his insurance career 45 years ago, buying a general insurance agency in Alberta at 21. He later sold Fisher Insurance Services after 18 years but continued personalized financial planning.

Barry’s understanding of insurance deepened during a five-year hiatus, supporting his wife Julie through stage 4 cancer. Sadly, Julie passed on August 29, 2021, leaving Barry and their four children and six grandchildren to help each other through this difficult time.

Julie’s legacy lives on in Barry’s commitment to guiding his clients with even more passion and dedication. Every step he takes, every plan he crafts, is infused with the knowledge that behind every decision lies a family’s dreams and aspirations.

Barry Fisher is more than an insurance professional – he’s a beacon of hope, a seasoned guide, and a compassionate soul who understands the value of safeguarding the future. With 45 years of experience and a heart full of empathy, he’s here to make your financial journey secure and truly meaningful.

Join Barry as he turns his life’s lessons into opportunities for you. Let his experience be your guide, his passion be your driving force, and his commitment be your assurance. Your financial security deserves nothing less.

Our Mission

At JBF Financial, our mission is crystal clear is to equip individuals and families with the expertise and resources needed to attain enduring financial security. Leveraging over four decades of experience, we are resolute in providing personalized guidance that caters to each client’s objectives. Our steadfast commitment to upholding the highest integrity, empathy, and excellence standards propels us to shape a more secure financial future for all we serve.

JBF Financial offers Life Insurance Broker Services in Edmonton and Alberta, Canada.